Travis was looking for something.

He went up Mt. Fuji.

The movie wasn't as interesting as the book.

Carole died from TB.

Paralysed and yet walking, blind and yet standing, deaf and yet hearing, that is a person who is grieving.

I'm totally serious.

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Shean had a skiing accident.

I'll tell Spass to stay outside.

After school, their lives diverged.

Stagger could barely speak French.

The bread landed on the floor upside down.


The walls have ears.


Would you like some more salad?


Show me the way to the bus stop.

What do you want us for?

When he was 14, he started to plant strawberries.


Which suitcases are Herve's?

See if my answer is correct.

Jack made a lot of mistakes in his composition.

Everybody fears that prison.

I'll never forget what Hillary said.

Andrea will be thirty next October.

Few students are interested in the game next Saturday.

Scot might as well go.

Is your car new?


Evelyn realized it was hopeless.


The coffee is hot.


She was not in the mood for lunch.


This watch is better than that one.

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You're all heart, Lucifer.

The rain stopped just long enough for me to dash into the cafe without getting wet.

Just be happy.

Do you believe in astrology?

I told Glen to handle it himself.

Are you going to take part in the English speech contest?

I was the last one to know.

I'll give you a laptop computer.

The robbers did away with their victims.

Part's request was refused.

This is nuts.

Toby has far more experience than Beverly.

Can you just tell me now, so I don't have to come back tomorrow?

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Is eating organic food worth the money?


You thanked Gregge for the present.

I think you ought to put more money into your savings account.

Keep an eye on your bag while walking.


Are you strapped in?


You gave up too soon.


You'll never get ahead in this place unless you go through the proper channels.

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Two seats were vacant.

She answers us whenever we ask her a question.

I grind my coffee by hand with a coffee grinder with a crank handle.

The man lay motionless.

Skip shifted his hat.

I got a bonus.

Butler had to cancel his lecture because he was sick.

I'll be with them.

What are you doing on the balcony?

How could I possibly forget about the task that you've entrusted to me?

Would you like to go out for a drink after work?

One should attack ideas with their own weapons: You do not shoot at ideas with a rifle.

That's the problem, isn't it?

Can you break a 1,000 yen bill?

Part looked out the open window.

You're a weird kid.

Two pages of the book stuck together.


Drinking isn't against the law.

How many hours a day does she spend in the kitchen?

I don't do this kind of business.


Three customers came in just as we were closing.


The dog went away like a shot.

My family is fine, thanks.

Clare is still out.

My brother is a spoiled little brat!

I've got the habit to cook for myself.

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Have a nice day, Kory.

She wouldn't give him a gift.

When did he go?

If I were you, I wouldn't move to Boston.

I had no sooner left the house than it began to rain hard.


You might see us there.

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This year, the Administration will announce the winners of a $100 million competition supporting redesigned high schools that give high school students access to real-world education and skills.

He approached the door.

I've gotten kind of used to it.


I found it fascinating what you were saying about global warming.


I have urgent matters to attend to.

The two candidates are struggling for mastery.

When will they be getting back from the movies?

The grapes are so sour that I can't eat them.

My makeup has washed off.


I've read all the books that you recommended me.


In a crowded bus the young should offer their seats to the old.

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It's nice of you to give me a ride.

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We're leaving soon!


Can you repeat what you said?

Maybe that's the reason.

I really hope you're kidding.


If you don't want to answer, you don't have to.

Everett took another drink.

Case opened the door, expecting to see Vilhelm.

I can't keep lying to him.

What don't you like about Jayesh?


She is quite satisfied with her new job.

He is a daydreamer.

This sentence allows for multiple interpretations that I had to consider when translating.

That's likely to be a problem.

The fish are in the sea.

It's fun to read my old diary.

I'm saving it.

I don't have classes.

I knew Jim would do something stupid.

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I don't think they'll allow you to do that.

Joanne plans to move to Boston before the end of the month.

That plane makes use of new technology.


I've asked him to help us.

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I'll call you in the morning.

Do you want to go to dinner?

I want to know where Brenda went.


I told her I hated her.

It is too late to go out now.

Jaded zombies acted quietly but kept driving their oxen forward.

I don't think I've ever seen you so upset.

Mitchell is thick-headed.


I should've told him the truth.

Have you come to arrest us?

You never even have to see Kevan.

He let her kiss him.

I have thirteen names on my list.


A person won't remain long in business if he does not come down to earth and think business.

He has little clotting factor, so even the tiniest paper cut bleeds and bleeds.

I must find him.

I got him to stop smoking.

You have certain privileges and therefore corresponding responsibilities.


Don't buy on credit.

He'd been in Kyoto twice.

That's one problem solved.

The article alludes to an event now forgotten.

What is the reason why he came here?


That boy used to drop in on me.

You're never going to believe this.

What's out front?

Change is the only constant.

I'm going to call Leila.

The doctor prescribes it once a month.

I think we get off at the next stop.

I ran all the way, otherwise I could not have caught the train.

You (pl) are very aggressive.


What do you say we buy everyone a drink?


I met a tall man named Ken.

What's your favorite small town in America?

If I knew him better, I would tell him the truth.

The balloon went up in the sky.

We're a married couple.

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We try to keep Esperanto alive mainly for the fun because there is no survival value to it.

Manny asked Janice to answer the telephone.

I asked Deborah if he understood.


Norma called to say he can't come to help.